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Friday, 18 January 2013

Tips to Choose the Perfect Furniture for my Home

How to choose the right furniture for my house :

Everyone might be confused when it comes to the selection of Furniture for your new home. Furniture basically display the lifestyle and living styles of each person, so it is very necessary to determine the types of furniture accordingly. Here are some tips while selecting your furniture:

1. Get Out the Tape Measure :

The first step in arranging a space is determining its size. Use a tape measure to get the dimensions of a room. Or, a quick tip: Measure your foot and then walk heel to toe across the room.

This is an easy way to estimate the basic size. Then, check the dimensions of the hallways, stairs and door widths leading to the space. This is the eternal challenge for a homeowner, being sure the entrance and egress of the room are large enough for potential purchases.

2. Stick to a similar style and finish

This is essential if you're introducing new furniture alongside existing pieces, unless it's a statement piece that is intended to stand alone.

3. Mix Furnishings of Various Sizes

Every object has a height, depth and width. To add visual interest to any space, incorporate a variety of furniture with different characteristics. If you're going for a serene, unchallenging area for rest or recovery, keep the furnishing volumes in a room similar.

4. Mix and match storage pieces

Go for a combination of open shelving to display favourite books or ornaments and closed storage (cupboards and drawers) to hide the clutter you don't want everyone to see.

5. Form a Healthy Relationship

The relationship of items to one another to form a pleasing whole is called balance. There are two forms of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. Bilateral symmetry is like the human body: There are two of everything. Asymmetry refers to an imbalance, such as two candles of slightly different sizes

6. Opt for hard-working designs

If space is limited, look for coffee tables with shelves and drawers, a nest of tables instead of a side table, or lidded footstools with space for storage inside.

7. Use an Artist's Perspective

Look at your space as a painter looks at a work of art. There are visual tricks that painters use to create the appearance of depth in a space. You can use these tools, too.

8. Create Depth in Artwork

The second trick painters use is the creation of depth in artwork, which is a two-dimensional medium. Paintings often have a foreground, midground, background and vanishing point. Stand at the threshold of your room. Place a chair, perhaps at an angle, in the foreground closest to you.

9. A Perfect Colour

Color doesn't always have to be sunny and bright. This deep-indigo living room provides the perfect backdrop to feminine furnishings doused in look-at-me floral prints.

10. Choose your storage carefully

The more furniture you have, the smaller a room can look. Darker woods can look heavy and imposing - not ideal in a small space. Lighter woods, glass, acrylic and gloss finishes reflect light and create an illusion of space. Don't buy on impulse - work out exactly where a piece will go (check the dimensions and measure up) before you make a final decision


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