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Thursday, 16 May 2013


Its Summer Vacation out there and it's time for some Vacations....

First, we should all remember that summer should be a time for rejuvenation and renewal. Attending the Summer Camps is an high appealing high school experience, and during the break students need to spend time with their families, get reacquainted with the people who are close to them, and rest and recharge. It is a long summer. There is time.

Many families are rediscovering how to plan a summer vacation that does not break the bank, especially when finances are tight. One key to planning a budget-minded excursion is flexibility. The more a family is willing to shift vacation dates and choose destinations according to available travel deals, the less a vacation will cost. Looking for package deals and ways to spend less on a summer vacation can be time well spent. It is also possible to have a relaxing, fun-filled vacation close to home.

Finding Package Deals

A large portion of the family vacation budget is spent on airfare and lodging, but travelers can reduce those expenses significantly with a little online research.  Many offers also feature all-inclusive hotel packages that may save hundreds of dollars on meals, beverages and local activities. Vacation planners can also check with travel agents who often have the inside track on travel deals.

Taking in the Sights
Theme parks across the nation offer discounts to certain groups, so a bargain hunter would do well to check with employers, banks, local grocery stores and club affiliations to find discount theme park tickets for sale. In addition, checking each theme park's Web site is a good idea, especially when planning vacation dates -- it may be cheaper to travel, stay and play during the "shoulder season," just after the park opens for spring and summer guests.

Keeping the Vacation at Home

Many families opt to stay home during their vacation time. this option saves the time, cost and headache of traveling with young children, and can free up a family to enjoy each other and take in local sights and entertainment.

Following tips to make a real vacation out of staying home:
Write an itinerary for each day, packed with activities
Dress the family in appropriate vacation attire, such as beachwear
Sight seeing at local attractions, such as historical sites and museums
Hire a housekeeping service to clean
Enjoy local restaurants instead of meals at home
Take photos and videos, just as a family would on a vacation away from home with a little creative planning, even staying home can be a family vacation that creates valuable memories.

How to Plan a Last-Minute Vacation

The first step in planning a last-minute getaway is finding a great spot to vacation. When time is short, flexibility is key. Here are some tips.

Consider "off-peak" destinations. For example, summer may be a good time to visit major cities that typically host conventions during the fall, or a resort town that is popular with tourists during the winter. Hotels want to fill empty rooms and may offer extra perks, lower rates, or package deals. During the off-season, it may also be easier to get a restaurant reservation and avoid long lines at attractions.
If you're flying, search for flights at more than one airport. If you're willing to depart from any airport near you or arrive at any airport relatively close to your destination, you'll have more options and a better chance of snagging a lower-cost flight. Also consider flying during off-peak hours or taking non direct flights.
Check hotel websites. Many list their rate calendars on their reservations page so you can see for yourself when rooms are available (and at what price). Even top hotels occasionally have empty rooms in-season for a night or two or have last minute cancellations--it doesn't hurt to call.
Shop around. There's a lot more available than you think, and last-minute deals on airfares, rental cars, cruises, and hotel rooms exist. Once you've decided where to go, experiment with different travel dates (if you have some flexibility) to find the best deals.

Remember, a vacation is about relaxation--not perfection. The little planning you've had time for will help smooth the way.




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