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Thursday, 12 December 2013

An Apartment or an Independent Home: What’s Your Preference?

Home is where the heart is, goes the saying. 

But what does the heart want? If you have always dreamt of owning the perfect home, or if you’re purchasing a residential property as an investment, one of the first decisions you will be faced with is choosing between an apartment and an independent house. Azmal Zaheer Khan, a leading architect of Kothari Associates says, "As far as an independent house is concerned,it can be rebuilt to suit changing tastes and requirements, at any point of time," It can also be expanded horizontally if space permits, or vertically, by adding more floors- certainly a big reason why many buyers favor houses.

Independent houses give the impression of privacy and freedom, and offer the advantage of space for gardening or keeping pets. But the adage that good fences make good neighbors is getting re-written with more and more buyers preferring to buy or rent apartments. The real estate boom and rocketing construction costs are making it near impossible for an average individual to build a new house. But in addition to this, modern apartments come with a host of facilities and privileges, like round-the-clock security, that add value to your investment. You have water and electricity 24x7, and you will be able to enjoy all ultra modern amenities under one single roof .  

The World Villas, Cochin

Gone are the days of the matchbox-sized mini-flat. The apartment culture has evolved to such an extent that many established construction firms design whole ecosystems for their residents, comprising sports and leisure facilities, entertainment centres, even shopping centres! In short, along with the apartment, you are also buying residential rights to an ultra-modern, secure, township. Leading this cultural revolution is Nest Infratech, the multi-billion dollar global construction group, which has quickly gained a reputation for building luxury apartments in Kerala that provide all the comforts of an individual home, and more. Noted for their aesthetic  approach to utilizing space, both indoors and outdoors, Nest Infratech provides customized design services for interiors and exteriors, that helps home-owners turn their dream homes to reality. 
Nest Infratech’s latest project, The World apartments in Alwaye, Cochin, is a milestone in Kerala’s apartment business. An environmentally friendly project, it is Kerala’s first ever green township. While The World apartments are easily accessible from the city, they also provide a pollution-free, eco-friendly alternative to urban living. With their top-notch recreational facilities and spacious premises, they also provide an opportunity to interact with other residents and develop into a close-knit community. Keeping today’s busy lifestyles in mind, the apartments provide sports and fitness training facilities to ensure a healthy and fulfilling life.

The apartment sector in Kerala had initially benefited greatly from heavy investment by NRIs wishing to return to Kerala later, or maintain a top quality second home. Today, Kerala’s residents are just as smitten by the apartment culture, especially with groups such as Nest Infratech offering traditional style “Nalukettu” villas, along with more modern styles. The greatest advantage of opting for an apartment is the quality of life and convenience it offers, and Kerala has embraced it with open arms. If popularity and demand are the determinants of this debate, it looks like the apartment culture is not only winning, but also here to stay.     


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Rishi Kumar says:
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Aarthi says:
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You can observe that from independent home the taste has changed to owning an apartment. This has its own benefits. Social life improves, all facilities are made available, space availability problem resolved even our small kids get new friends and we get an improved life style. Even though there are small bad effects still the benefits of apartments overtakes them.

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