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Saturday, 23 November 2013

6 Tips To Make Your Home Less Attractive To Burglars

With a busy schedule between balancing life and work, most of us pay less attention to home security. But experts say it's a big mistake. Because burglars and thieves are always on the prowl and they love strict schedules. They wait and watch as people go in and out our their houses. And when the moment is right, they break in. Given the fact that burglars are generally smart, the quicker they get in and out with your stuff, the less likely it is that they will be caught. Most burglaries are crimes of opportunity and there is no guarantee that you won't be a victim. So it's always good to take caution to minimize the damage or avoid the situation altogether. Here are some tips to make your home less attractive to burglars. 

Think like a thief: Find the nooks and corners of your house, lawn and backyard that get dark at night. Make sure you provide proper lighting to leave no option for lurking thieves.

Trim shrubs: If you have lot of shrubs in your garden or surroundings, try to trim them down so that no one can hide in them and watch you go in and out.

Get a home security system: If you have a home security system that monitors your house day and night, any smart burglar will think twice before trying to break in. Burglar Alarms are very effective and worth every penny.

Light Up: Light up your interiors and exteriors. Don't leave room for dark corners where burglars can hide in. Shine light on your landscaped gardens and pathways. Motion detecting flood lights can be expensive but they keep burglars out from prowling around.

Lock your doors and windows: Deny access to burglars at any cost by locking your doors and windows at night and check the same before leaving home.

Don't establish a routine: If you keep a pattern in when you come and go out of your house, chances are that burglars are keeping track of your routine. Avoid this by breaking schedule. Somedays come home early, other days come late or go shopping. If you go away on weekends, make sure you tell the neigbhours not to let your newspapers, packages and letters accumulate. Keep the burglars guessing. 

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