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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Top 5 reasons to choose 'Orchid Park'

The Orchid Park, the latest venture of the nest group, has suceeded in placing a solid footing in the heart of kottayam, considered to be the birthplace of malayalam literature, the nerve point of media centes and the land of letters, latex and lagoons. While it houses a variety of weapons up its arsenal we have taken the liberty of puting forward five of the best features this earthly paradise has to offer.

1. Accessibilty

 This may seem like an obvious choice to many, but we had to put it in our top five considering the ease of access this apartment is going to provide its residents. Located at the heart of kottayam, it is just 2 km away from the railway station and has everything a person would require within the radius of a few kilometers. Accessibility is key while choosing any area for residential needs and the orchid park is generous in this regard.

2. Barbeque & Party area

  We understand the fundamental need of a person of having a social life. What better way to jazz it up than throw a barbeque party?
This little feature excited us the moment we laid eyes upon it, even to a point where we started fantasizing about the nights we could enjoy sipping  cold cola while gorging buckets of spicy chicken wings. A fun way to unwind with your family, friends or both.

3. Sauna & Jaccuzi

   Okay, it was around this time when we started to have a feeling that these guys were trying to spoil up. I could be on the search for a person who would not like a warm session in a sauna for months and still find no one. It is one of those rare places that you would succeed in finding zen in this busy and noisy world we live in today. I guess the project visualizers sensed this and, as a gift, sent us this glorious creation.

4. Rainwater Harvesting

   Just another example to reinforce the fact that the human race may actually live to see another millenium. The rainwater harvesting system is a green initiative taken up by the developers which in theory would ensure fresh water supply all through the year, especially in an area like kottayam which in fact gets a lot of rainfall through the year. This feature may yet prove a factor that would amaze atleast a small section of people still not enlightened to the fact that rainwater could actually be saved.

5. Landscaped Gardens

   In this period when we don't have an option but to enjoy a flower made of concrete or a tree made of asbestos, the idea of having a landscaped garden sounds somewhat heaven sent. To think that you would actually see a little bit of green in this concrete jungle we have today may excite some of you nature lovers out there. What better way to end a day than sitting with your loved ones enjoying the sunset? And what better way to end this analysis than by putting this peaceful image into your minds? 

The time has come for us to end this discussion and for to begin taking action. The orchid park is looking for prospective buyers, and for those of you who are interested in owning this piece of heaven contact the nest group by means listed below.

Tel: +91 484 4477555

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