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Monday, 10 June 2013

Unveil the magic of Monsoons in your dream home

It is rightly said – the best time to enjoy the beauty of Kerala is during the monsoons.  Kerala backwaters are boundaried with lush greenery and waterfalls giving a different feel to the entire place. June is a seminal month in Kerala, an intermediary that hints of the pleasures of a South Asian summer.

Living in Kerala, enjoying the true sense of nature blended with monsoon rains makes it worth for living. Build your dream home anywhere in Kerala. Nest Infratech is the real estate and infrastructure development wing of the multi-billion dollar multinational company, the Nest. The company gives shape to some of the most ambitious and luxurious living spaces across the country. No, matter where it is , we have a space for you.

Monsoon vacations and getaways are popular amongst holidaymakers for the waterfalls, the greenery, for water adventure and for some to admire the lush greenery. However, there’s more to it; the monsoons in certain destinations are considered off-season, however for enthusiasts this goes down as the best time to enjoy a pleasant and affordable stay at places where bookings are either hard to come mainly due to the demand or high prices during season time.

 Since youth, I have heard the melodious sound and to this day it brings back memories of final exams, the never ending wait for summer vacations, family visits and all the other things that made summer the most important season for a child. It truly is the sound of Kerala’s summer, a redoubtable counterpart to the robin’s warble ...

After a dry summer spell that grips the nation, monsoon is a welcome change. With monsoon you will see the other side of India where nature comes alive in a landscape of cool, lush greenery. The sight of the first rains & the sweet smell of the soil makes for a soothing combination.

Many love the monsoons & simply love getting wet in the rains. Children love enjoying a game of football, or even go out cycling in the rain just to get wet and enjoying the soaking wet experience after a rather dry and humid summer patch.

Hold your loved ones in your arms and enjoy the monsoon standing in the corridors or balcony of your dream home. I bet, that would be more affectionate and auspicious in your life.