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Tuesday, 9 July 2013


With the booming infrastructure development in India has developed the life style of the people, the standard of living. With the upcoming of metro rail the land rates have increased up to 200% in the relevant areas. Population, inflation, purchasing power is increasing day by day but available property (LAND) is decreasing in area. India is on long term growth ,hence demand is increasing supply is decreasing.

Infrastructure is something which has to be up to date with the technology and design. Land scarcity can be caused by factors like population pressures, social inequality, and environmental issues. It’s also possible for a market to create the perception that available land is scarce when this is not actually the case. People are forced to live miles away from the city.

Meanwhile, builders need to take care of the needs of the people who are planning to have their own home. Though even they have to run their businesses, they have a social responsibility too. That is to serve the society in the best form they can. If they are builders they can build quality homes, if they are estate dealers they can suggest quality dealers. Their investment comes back in the form of goodwill, which is very necessary for any builder these days.
NeST Infratech is a real estate and infrastructure development segment and has brought to life planned living spaces. We strive to build the best available in the industry. Our main aim is to come out of the monotony and create which suites you. The company gives shape to some of the most ambitious and luxurious living spaces across the country.  NeST Infratech has offices in Europe, India, Japan, Middle-East and Australia. We have a dynamic team of highly qualified and skilled members who always exert in bringing the best in the industry.