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Friday, 21 February 2014

How To Make Your Home Cool During Summer Season?

Gone are the days when weather forecast made on television were mostly accurate. Now we can’t solely depend on such predictions as day by day our weather is getting unpredictable. The planet earth is getting heated up in such a way that we can now feel the sun even inside our homes.The worst part is that you can’t always switch on the air conditioners 24x7 due to the rocketing electricity charges.

Here are a few tips that help you to get rid of the furnace-like feeling inside your home

  • First of all declutter your home by taking off all the old furniture and newspapers. When you free some space, then itself you can feel a great difference in the heat. If you have heavy,dark coloured synthetic drapes at your home, then replace it with attractive and light coloured sheer curtains. Pick some refreshing colours like lime green, orange or aqua blue to bring in a cool,soothing effect inside your home.

  • Add on some greenery to your homes by keeping few potted plants. Plants not only adds to the aesthetic appeal, but also give a freshness to your living spaces. You can either keep fresh flowers in vases or place them in a bowl full of water. It will give a cool, refreshing feel during summer.

  • If it's too hot inside your home, hang a piece of long wet cloth near your window. The cool air from the water will evaporate and blow towards you when you leave your window open. Keep your drinking water in an earthen pot, you will be able to drink naturally cooled water all the time, not only that it will also keep your room cool.

  • Reduce the usage of lights at your home as they tend to heat up your rooms. Use dim light especially fluorescent lamps as they provide a lighting effect that is much cooler than other ordinary lamps. Apart from that, it also consumes less electricity.Though fluorescent lamps are quite expensive, it’s better for your homes.

  • Switch off all the electrical appliances at your home when not in use. Don't leave your doors closed always. It's good to keep the doors open for sometime to get some breeze inside your home. Do not keep any heat generating appliances like television,lamps near the air conditioner. If you do so, then it makes the room more warm.

  • Avoid cooking during noon hours as most of the home appliances generate more heat during that time. In case if you have to cook during that period, then use a fan that directs the heat outside the window.

  • Stick to fans rather than air conditioners. Before you switch on the ac, it's better to put on the fan as it allows your room to cool down. Open your windows in the night when it’s coolest.

  • It's good to use white colour or light shades for your ceilings as it makes your room cool.

  • Avoid landscaping with rock or cement on the south-west sides of your home as it radiates more heat towards your home.